As the Creative Director of Lü Atelier, she has dedicated 15 years to the fashion industry. Her career can be divided into three stages:


Licenciada en diseño de Moda por el IED, After graduating in fashion design from the IED, Lucia began her training and collaboration with Jesús del Pozo. Later, she worked in London with Alexander McQueen, where she was introduced to the world of haute couture and "el atelier." This experience gave her a deep understanding of fabrics, a passion for luxury in garment finishing, and the importance of working in an exclusive and personalised manner.

The second stage begins with Lucia forming collaborations with artisans and local stores. This leads her to explore the origins of materials and their manufacturing processes by travelling to countries like India and Thailand, where she spends extended periods of time. During her travels, she realises the importance of transferring the production of her pieces to Spain, promoting a local and responsible economy.

Lü Atelier specialises in creating timeless, comfortable, and elegant pieces that are designed to fit all body types.

During her time working for brands like Massimo Dutti, Zara, Uterque, Mango, Abercrombie, and others, Lucía honed her skills in creating designs that cater to the needs of women worldwide. Through her experience, Lucía identified a gap in the market that "low-cost" brands couldn't fill in a woman's wardrobe: the absence of handmade, locally produced pieces with a focus on sustainability. This realization led her to establish Lü Atelier, where she aims to offer unique, transparently produced garments that align with her personal vision of sustainability.
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