Turn the treasures in your closet into a unique and exclusive piece

We transform your favourite old garments with our patterns, creating magic with fabric.
Experience a fully personalised treatment, whether online or in person, like a "textile therapy".


Send us your clothes
Those garments or fabrics that you no longer wear but have a special value for you.


Personalized design
Choose the pattern you like the most, provide us with your measurements, and we will create a custom design for you.


Receive your exclusive piece
A unique item crafted just for you in our Altea atelier.

Success stories

Get inspired and discover some of the garments we have transformed for our customers, turning their memories into a unique piece.

Shall we start?

Discover the patterns we can work with

This is how Re.Life works


Creating a unique piece for you is simple. Learn about the detailed process we follow from start to finish until you receive your exclusive garment at home.


Choose your garments or fabrics

Select up to 3 items from your closet with a similar weight and feel.
Hang each item on a hanger and, with a smooth wall as a background, take a photo of each.


Choose a pattern

Explore our range of clothing patterns and select the one that resonates with your style the most.


Fill the form

To place an order, please fill out the web form with your jacket size (S, M, L, etc.), upload images of the garments or fabrics you want to use, and submit your order.


Receive the design proposal

After placing your order, you will receive a digital design proposal within 3 business days. This proposal will showcase the fabrics and pattern you have selected,
giving you a preview of your final garment.
The treatment is personalised throughout the entire process. We ensure that the client is completely satisfied with the design of their new, unique piece.


We collect your garments or fabrics

We will send a courier to pick up your garments or fabrics once you approve the proposed design.


We make your garment

Our skilled artisans will carefully craft your garment to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail.


Get your custom-made garment delivered to your doorstep!

Within two weeks of receiving your garments or fabrics, you will receive your new, personalised and uniquely designed garment at the address of your choice.
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