Art, life, and clothing come together in this creative space, a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean where we find inspiration and bring our designs to life.


At Lü Atelier, we dress you in sustainable fabrics that protect your skin. Our garments are made with 100% natural fibers, and we also offer our Re.Life service where we recycle the fabric that each customer brings to us.
Our atelier is located in Altea, a Mediterranean town known for its beauty and its people dedicated mostly to the world of art.

Our atelier is infused with the light and aromas of the Mediterranean, which inspire our designs and shape our philosophy

All our pieces are meticulously crafted in Altea and nearby towns, supporting responsible local manufacturing. We believe in radical transparency and redefine the concept of sustainability. Each piece is finished by hand, with unique details like our brooches made from natural stones and shells.
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